Authentic SAZAC

Don't be fooled by fakes! 

We are an authorized SAZAC retailer and guarantee all of our products to be 100% authentic! 

Be careful of fake kigurumi found on popular auction and multi-seller sites such as eBay and Amazon!  SAZAC kigurumi limits the sale of their products on these sites and fake kigurumi is flooding the online marketplace!  How can you be sure your kigurumi is real?  Only buy from authorized SAZAC kigurumi retailers like us and be cautious of kigurumi coming directly from sellers in China.

Can you spot the differences between the real
SAZAC kigurumi and the wanna-be counterfeits?

Take a look!

You've got it!  The authentic SAZAC kigurumi is on the left.

Please note the extra details in the lining, quality of the seams, symmetry of the face, vibrancy of the colors and quality of the fabric.  You can really see the difference in our Hello Kitty kigurumi below!  Isn't she sweet!